Who we are.

(IHRM) Coordinates the activities and oversees the interests of all qualified and registered Human Resource Professionals in Kenya. it draws its Mandate from the Human Resource Management Professional Act No 52 of 2012.


“To be a globally recognized Human Resource Professional body”


“To regulate, develop and promote Human Resource Profession in Kenya through:

  1. Enhancing competence and capabilities of Human Resource Professionals whilst serving public interest.
  2. Supporting innovative and transformative Human Resource Practices and Standards.
  3. Building Sustainable Institutional Capacity and Collaborations.
  4. Engaging in Human Resource Research, Publication and Knowledge Development


Transformed; Connected; Impactful

Core Values

  1. Transparency and Accountability
  2. We will be accountable and transparent in the provision of Human Resource services and related activities.

  3. Professionalism
  4. We will uphold high standards of professionalism, integrity and excellence in our service delivery.

  5. Innovation
  6. We will continuously embrace innovation, creativity and transformation while leveraging on Technology in execution of our operations.

  7. Compliance and Green Practices
  8. We will be compliant with the Law and adopt emerging green practices.

  9. Business Acumen
  10. We will strive to acquire and apply business acumen initiatives in Human Resource practices

The functions of the Institute shall be to:

  1. establish, monitor and publish the standards of professional competence and practice amongst human resource professionals;
  2. register persons who meet the required professional and ethics standards;
  3. promote research in human resource practice and related matters,
  4. publish books, periodicals, journals and articles on human resource;
  5. provide a medium for communication and exchange of information, knowledge and ethical standards for those persons engaged in the field of human resources management;
  6. network with regional and international related bodies to promote and develop progressive human resource management practices.
  7. hold examinations and prescribe tests of competency deemed appropriate to qualify for membership and certification by the Institute;
  8. advise the Examinations Board on matters relating to examination standards and policies;
  9. advise the Registration Committee on matters relating to registration;
  10. regulate the practice, competence and professional conduct of human resource professionals;
  11. promote and protect the welfare and interests of the human resources profession;
  12. promote inter-professional collaboration with other professional bodies; and
  13. carry out any other functions prescribed for it under any of the provisions of this Act or under any written law.